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Zach Boraski
North Carolina Assistant Scouting Director

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PBR was in High Point, NC on Monday, May 25, 2024 on the home field of High Point Christian Academy to attend PBR Scout Day with USA Prime. More than 50 players from the 2025-2029 classes were present on the training day.

The day started with players running a laser with a time of 60. From there, the hitters took multiple rounds of BP, with TrackMan tracking every ball placed in fair play. After the offensive evaluations, the players were evaluated at their primary defensive positions. To end the day, the pitchers threw controlled bullpens, again with TrackMan tracking each pitch and providing analytical data on each player.

Below we start to break down the player performance from the training. If you want to see the full schedule with all the statistics of the training, you can do so CLICK HERE.

USA Prime Scout Day – Statistical Leaders

Dash and top speed

Swift Athletic Laser Timers were used to time each runner during the 10, 30 and 60 yard run. Below we take a look at the top runners in their 60s and the overall running speed of the event. The 60 is timed by the lasers, while the overall running speed looks at the splits and does the calculations to calculate each player’s top speed. Look for more information from Swift Athletics testing in the coming weeks.

TrackMan maximum output speed (BP)

During BP, TrackMan followed the ball flight from the bat. Each batter took two rounds of BP and TrackMan can produce a lot of data on every ball put into play in fair territory. One element that TrackMan can produce is exit velocity. Below are the highest output velocities produced during live BP.

Positional velocity – infielders

Infielders could train with shortstop throws across the infield, or from 1B throws to 2B and 3B in professional training. While an infielder’s throwing speed doesn’t tell the whole story of their arm strength, it does give us an idea of ​​how different players compare. During this drill, we asked all infielders to work at game speed and make “game-like” plays.

Positional Speed ​​- Outfielders

Outfielders worked from right field and made throws to the plate. The throws were measured with a radar gun to measure arm strength. Players were asked to make “game-like” throws on balls hit by a fungo.

Catcher pop times and positional velocity

In professional training, catchers train from behind home plate, making multiple throws to 2B, simulating a stolen base attempt. Scouts timed each throw from glove to glove and asked the middle infielders to pass the ball over the bag. A radar gun was used to measure arm strength from the crouch.

TrackMan Info – Pitcher Bullpens

Pitchers threw a controlled bullpen that showcased their full arsenal of pitches. Information about speed and spin rate was collected via the TrackMan. TrackMan analyzes are the official analyzes and the speeds below are recorded by TrackMan.

Maximum Fastball Speed

Fastball spin rate (average)

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