New NHL owner unveils frontrunners for Utah team name

We’re getting closer to an official team name for Utah’s NHL team.

Ryan Smith, who recently bought the Arizona Coyotes and moved the team to Utah, called the Pat McAfee Show and offered four finalists to name his new hockey franchise in Salt Lake City.

McAfee, the popular ESPN sports analyst and talk show host, asked Smith what the “early favorites” were for the former Coyotes franchise.

“We’ve got our four… I think Mammoth is up there, I think Yeti is up there, I think there’s a few others, it should be good,” Smith said.

Before this revelation, Smith took to X on May 8 to ask fans to vote on what their favorite name was. He offered twenty picks and let fans pick their top four.

These were the choices offered:

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Not all of the proposed names for the Utah NHL team were winners

Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the options were head-scratchers to be honest.

The ‘Utah Caribou’ may have a cute image, but it makes no sense. That’s due to the simple fact that reindeer are found nowhere in Utah, and are extremely rare in the northern contiguous states!

McAfee inquired about the idea of ​​a “Utah Black Diamonds” during the phone call, but received no response from Smith about the ski-themed name.

“Utah HC” is perhaps the most egregious. What could be more disturbing to fans than deliberately leaving your team nameless? It would be like the Washington Commanders permanently deciding to stay with the “Washington Football Team.”

It works in football. Not in other sports.

Either way, it looks like the snowy theme will be the go-to.

Yeti and Mammoth are a good start, and we’ll see what the remaining finalists are in the coming days.

We recently provided our rankings of Utah’s potential team names. View them here.

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