Report: Utah, UCLA plan home and away games for 2025, 2030

Although the Pac-12 no longer exists, there will still be some matchups between former league members in the future. In fact, Utah And UCLA have scheduled a home-and-away game in the coming years, according to a report from ESPN’s Piet Thamel.

The two teams will play the first game home and away in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl in 2025. The return leg will be played in 2030 in Salt Lake City.

UCLA currently leads the all-time series at 12-9, but the Utes have had more success of late.

Utah has won six of the last seven meetings in the series since 2016. The two teams met fairly regularly in the old Pac-12. UCLA’s only victory in that span came in 2022, when it won 42-32 in Pasadena.

Of course, when the two teams meet in 2025, they’ll both be playing in new conferences. UCLA moved to the Big Ten in 2024, while Utah will spend its first year in the Big 12 this fall.

It will be interesting to see who the respective coaches are when these two meetings take place.

Utah’s Kyle Whittingham Names Coach-to-Be

Kyle Whittingham is still Utah’s head coach, but Morgan Scale was appointed coach-in-training for the program.

Whittingham was eager to discuss Scalley’s future as the program’s eventual leader at Big 12 Media Days, but there’s no exact timeline for the transition.

Whittingham discussed the program’s decision to take this direction when he retired.

“First of all, Morgan Scalley is an exceptional football coach,” Whittingham said at Big 12 Media Days. “He’s a proven asset. He’s a Utah guy, played high school basketball at Utah State, played at Utah and jumped right into coaching at the University of Utah when he was done playing. (And) he’s invested as much in this program as anybody has ever done.

“He knows our culture inside and out. For me, it’s very reassuring for when that transition period comes and it’s time for new leadership to have someone who can carry on the values ​​and cultures that we’ve established.”

Whittingham gave a very basic picture of a possible timeline.

“When that happens is a good question,” Whittingham said. “I’m taking it day by day. I’m as excited and excited about the season as I’ve ever been. A lot of it is the excitement of going into a new conference, the new challenge, the new opportunity.

“But it’s just going to be a day-to-day process. And I’m not getting any younger, but at the same time I feel like I have a lot of energy now.”

Nick Kosko of On3 also contributed to this report.

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