Remnants of Hurricane Beryl pose greatest tornado threat in eastern US

NEW YORK: The remnants of Hurricane Beryl that tore through parts of central New York pose the highest tornado risk in nearly 20 years.

Beryl and a passing frontal boundary could bring a double threat of severe weather to the northeastern US, with a rare chance of tornadoes and possible flooding by Thursday morning.

There have already been some scattered showers across the region, but these are likely to increase in size and intensity during the day on Wednesday.

The hurricane has already posed the greatest tornado threat during its journey across the eastern U.S. Monday saw the highest number of tornado warnings issued in a single day in July, a total of 118.

Tornadoes are at their highest risk in parts of central New York in nearly 20 years.

“That should say something that should get your attention,” said FOX Weather Meteorologist Craig Herrera. “Watch for supercells that develop this afternoon. You want to make sure you have a safe place to go.”

The worst weather is forecast from mid-afternoon into the evening. Thunderstorms in the northeast also bring a threat of damaging winds of 60 mph or higher.

NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center has put parts of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire at a moderate risk for flooding, which could increase later. Many communities in Vermont have received between 5-10 inches of rain.

This meteorological phenomenon occurs when warm air rises over mountains, but cools and condenses as it rises higher into the sky. This leads to the formation of heavy clouds and rainfall, which can be quite heavy and unpredictable.

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