Police build case in Lego heist after $200,000 worth of sets seized

(EUGENE, Ore.) — Police in Oregon have recovered more than 4,000 stolen Lego sets worth more than $200,000 after a three-month investigation, authorities said.

The seizure occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. on July 3, when Springfield Police Department authorities in Eugene, Oregon, served an arrest warrant on 47-year-old Ammon Henrikson, the owner of “Brick Builders,” accusing him of knowingly purchasing new and unopened Lego sets that had been stolen from other local stores, according to a Springfield Police statement released Tuesday.

“In multiple instances, suspects stole hundreds of dollars worth of Lego sets and then immediately went to the Brick Builders store to exchange the stolen items for cash, usually for a fraction of the actual retail value,” authorities said in their statement announcing the raid. “When questioned, some suspects stated that Brick Builders employees knew the sets had recently been stolen. Officers learned that many of the suspects used the cash they received to purchase and use illegal drugs.”

Working with investigators from Target, Fred Meyer, Barnes & Noble and Walmart to confirm that Henrikson purchased sets stolen from them, Springfield police ultimately recovered 4,153 Lego sets worth a total of more than $200,000, police said.

The three-month investigation by Springfield police uncovered evidence that Henrikson “knowingly purchased new, unopened Lego sets that had been stolen from local stores,” authorities said.

“We are all feeling the impact of organized shoplifting due to the rising cost of the items we buy for our families,” said Police Chief Andrew Shearer. “SPD’s Crime Reduction Unit recognizes this and, with the support of our retail partners, works diligently to hold accountable those who choose to commit or support shoplifting. SPD is proud of the work of our officers and we are committed to prosecuting those who are behind these crimes in our community.”

Henrikson has since been charged with organized shoplifting and theft by receiving. Police are asking anyone with information to contact SPD at 541.726.3714 or and the investigation is currently ongoing.

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