Let’s have an election about voter ID and other upside-down nonsense

In what is being touted as a “victory” for “election integrity,” the Nevada Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that citizens may collect more than 100,000 signatures in support of a ballot referendum to vote on whether to pass voter ID laws. Americans, how can I fool you? Let me count the ways:

  1. Voter ID. Americans are often surprised when they discover that this is aalready law. States have the authority, resources, and affirmative duty to authenticate each potential registrant before adding them to the list of qualified voters. The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 allows applicants to make clerical errors, change their names, register more than once and declare citizenship without proof. This in no way relieves election officials of their obligation to verify the identity and eligibility of voters by whatever means necessary.

In fact, states are constitutionally required to provide their citizens with accurate and lawful elections. If non-citizens or other ineligible registrants receive ballots, the state is responsible for failing to protect the civil rights of their qualified citizen voters. Counting a single illegal ballot from a voter you do not want to identify is a crime. The law of the land says that a state will lose the distribution—federal funds, representation in Congress, and Electoral College votes—if it in any way curtails your civil right to a fair election.

  1. Collect signature. Many Americans are now familiar with the rampant illegal disregard of signature verification requirements in many states when mail-in ballots are processed for tabulation. Most would be shocked to learn that voting often has the opposite standards access. Litigation has long been favored as a means of enforcing the veracity of any scribble that would support the addition of a candidate or referendum to the ballot itself. This is due to the fact that ballot initiatives directly challenge the power of those elected by our broken electoral system, and the winner of an election gains direct access to your wallet.

If craven interests disagree with a ballot initiative that could result in real political reform, legitimate election signatures could end up being dumped as clear non-matches, meaning voters may never see the issue on a ballot. Justifications used in other circumstances to defend bad signatures will disappear like hot chocolate chip cookies, if that position could directly challenge those in power.

  1. Vote by Voter ID. As a result of election officials’ willful disregard for their duty to verify the identity and citizenship of registration applicants across the country, voter rolls are laden, nay soaked, with dead wood. Deadwood registrations are not voters, despite attempts to make them appear real and appropriate. This practice has been around since the election, but by allowing automatic online registration, we are preventing the latest exploding form of fraud, synthetic identity theft, from flooding registration lists.

United Sovereign Americans (USA) has identified more than 21 million individual registration records in eleven states that are prima facie invalid. As a result of these “voters” receiving their ballots illegally 5.5 million times, the US has measured a voting error rate of 12 to 20% in the 2022 midterm elections. Before we can vote further something this should be resolved by 2024.

Are all these registrants fake? The response of election officials to these factual claims, drawn from their own official records, has universally been to deny a fair hearing or investigation, despite the magnitude of the apparent fraud and national security risk. New York State Attorney General Letitia James responded to a comprehensive report detailing 5.1 million registration violations and 745,000 illegal votes by investigating NY Citizens Audit for alleged violations of the Ku Klux Klan Act, in a tired ad hominem attack on the messenger. Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose responded to 1.2 million registration violations, resulting in 600,000 illegal votes, by removing 137 noncitizens from Ohio’s official voter rolls, then defended his efforts while publicly denouncing American volunteers.

The excuses are the same: “It’s TOO HARD to be accurate.” Yet banks, payment systems and credit card companies are successful in processing hundreds of millions of paper and electronic transactions from verified customers every day. Accepting and counting ballots without identity verification is election fraud. Since 1964, it has been settled law that such dilution of the legitimate right to vote is a crime on a par with civil rights as denial of the vote. In the US Constitution this is called abridging the right to vote. Manipulating Americans into fearing the disenfranchisement of a single voter without a balanced consideration of counting illegal ballots is a sham that must end.

Our governing document, the internal peace treaty between opposing political viewpoints known as the United States Constitution, is in danger. Our flawless system of representative government is based on legitimate representation, not just the appearance of it. Enemies of freedom are working overtime to prevent the American people from exercising control over our own destiny and legacy. That is an honestly counted and demonstrable vote already the defining rights of every American citizen. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Help solve it here.

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