The Oregon State Hospital will receive a “statement of deficiencies” from the FBI, which will submit a plan to address the problems

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) – The Oregon State Hospital said Thursday it has received a statement of deficiencies from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services following an investigation in April related to the death of a patient shortly after arrival.

The deficiencies identified in the report refer to the hospital’s emergency medical response procedures, organization of response equipment and patient assessment. The CMS report found that OSH did not meet the conditions for CMS participation, and the conditions outlined in the findings contributed to the hospital’s ability to provide safe and adequate care.

On Friday, OSH will submit its Plan of Correction (PoC) regarding policies, procedures and training that address the CMS findings.

“Our number one priority at Oregon State Hospital is the safety and health of our patients and staff,” said Dr. Sara Walker, OSH Interim Superintendent and Chief Medical Officer. “We proactively reported the death to CMS on the day of the incident, and we continue to work closely with CMS.

“We began addressing CMS issues earlier this month and have begun implementing changes to address the findings in this report. The hospital is committed to continuous improvement and ensuring a safe and therapeutic environment for the people we care for.”

After CMS approves the PoC, surveyors will conduct an unannounced survey to assess implementation. The hospital is awaiting CMS revisits for two other active CMS surveys.

Following the April CMS survey, CMS immediately jeopardized OSH status through the loss of CMS eligibility due to concerns about the organization of Code Blue emergency response equipment in the intake area. OSH quickly addressed the issue and CMS lifted the immediate hazard status on May 2.

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