‘I run a legal brothel – a customer’s mother visits him every month’

The owner of one of America’s most notorious legal brothels has shed light on what goes on behind closed doors.

Chicken Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, is an American institution that opened in 1976 and has hosted a number of notable celebrities in its 48-year history.

But while some people have criticized the legal brothel, its owner, Will Paccione, says the ranch provides a valuable public service.

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“It’s not just about the sex, believe it or not, it’s about the emotional support, it’s about the human connection,” he told YouTuber Tyler Oliviera. “If a guy has a party for, say, an hour, it could be five minutes of sex and maybe 55 minutes of chatting.”

“Courtisans,” as the sex workers at Chicken Ranch like to call themselves, are “kind of like therapists.” According to Will, men who have missed the usual relationships with women will come in to gain experience and boost their confidence before entering the dating world.

Customers are treated to a line of women working that day(Image: YouTube)

One man who visited the Chicken Ranch was still a virgin at age 48, Will recalls. Many others have physical disabilities that exclude them from the mainstream dating world.

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