Learn how you can win an exclusive tour of the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas with Elon Musk

The tour is directed by Musk and von Holzhausen. (Photosynthesis: Infobae)

Tesla has launched a competition to win an exclusive tour of the Gigafactory in Austin,Texas, Together with Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen, chief designer and creative director of Tesla Motors. Winners will be able Discover the Cybertruck and Model Y production linesin a closed group of contributors.

Argentine President Javier Miley recently visited the same factory, where Elon Musk gave him a tour, highlighting the importance and innovation of the facilities.

Miley and Musk met at the Tesla factory in Austin. (

Located in Austin, the Tesla Gigafactory Texas spans just over 1,000 acres along the Colorado River, with a 930,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.

This complex is mainly focused on the production of the Model Y electric vehicle, production of which started at the end of 2021 and deliveries began in April 2022. Cybertruck is also produced at this head officea Tesla pickup that will be launched at the end of 2023.

Construction on this rectangular factory began in July 2020. Unlike Tesla’s original factory in Fremont, which consists of several separate buildings, the Austin factory is a unified facility with all manufacturing operations conducted under one roof.

This includes a new battery production line that will produce packages directly on site for the vehicles built there.

Tesla’s factory has a rectangular shape, so that all equipment works under one roof. Reuters/Joe Nakamura/archive photo

The strategic location in Austin, Texas also facilitates logistics and transportation, with direct access to major distribution routes. This allows Tesla to more efficiently distribute its vehicles and parts to different parts of the United States and the rest of the world.

Gigafactory Texas is not only responsible for the production of vehicles and batteries, but also serves as a research and development center for Tesla. here, Engineers and technicians experiment with new production techniques and improve production processes.

If you are interested in visiting this Tesla factory on a tour with Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen, you should consider the following requirements:

Participants must be shareholders of the car company. (Tesla)

– Owned shares and voted in favor of the proposal at the annual shareholders meeting.

– Send proof of share ownership and voting rights. Tesla points out that “evidence may only be provided that the shareholder voted, and not how he voted.” It is not necessary to vote for or against a proposal to participate.” The deadline for submitting evidence is Friday, June 7, 2024.

The round will take place on June 12, the day before the annual shareholders’ meeting. The winner will also receive a reserved seat at the annual shareholders’ meeting.

Tesla’s recently launched Cybertruck is produced and assembled at its Austin factory. (Tesla)

The Full Self-Driving (FSD) system from Tesla, the company led by Elon Musk, represents one of the most promising developments in autonomous driving.

However, the path to full and reliable autonomy has been fraught with technical and regulatory challenges, which have delayed the full opening of this technology to the public.

Autonomous driving is classified into levels from 0 to 5, with level 5 indicating that you can drive completely yourself without the need for a human driver. Tesla wants to reach level 4 with its FSD technology.

Tesla’s self-driving system is still in the testing phase. Reuters/David Swanson

But this technology is still in the development phase. By 2023, Tesla has informed US authorities that it will recall 362,758 cars To resolve an issue with your full self-directed beta.

This recall, one of the largest in the company’s history, affects the 2016 to 2023 Model S and Model S models.

Tesla has told the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that the beta version of FSD “may cause the vehicle to behave unsafely at intersections.”

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