NDOT announces the winners of the annual Snow Plow Roadeo 2024

Nebraska Department of Transportation

(Kearney, Neb.) – The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2024 annual Snowplow Roadeo. The event, hosted by NDOT, took place in Kearney at the Nebraska Safety Center and showcased the exceptional skills and expertise of snowplow operators from across the state.

The Roadeo Snow Plow is an annual event that features local competitions in each of NDOT’s eight districts. The top two teams from each district then advance to the state competition, where they compete for the opportunity to represent Nebraska at the national level. This year, the national competition will be held in Loveland, Colorado, in late September.

After a competitive display of talent and precision, the top two teams were announced, ready to take to the national stage. The winners of the annual Snow Plow Roadeo 2024 are Chad Shaul and Tyrel Yager, from District 8 in Valentine. These teams have demonstrated their exceptional skills, dedication to safety and commitment to safe and efficient winter road maintenance.

The Snowplow Roadeo not only celebrates the expertise of snowplow operators, but also highlights the importance of their role in keeping Nebraska roads safe during the winter months. These skilled professionals work tirelessly to clear snow and ice, ensuring smooth traffic flow and minimizing potential hazards.

“I want to congratulate this year’s Snowplow Roadeo winners,” said Vicki Kramer, director of the Nebraska Department of Transportation. “This event provides an opportunity to test skills and demonstrate the level of sophistication required to keep our roads safe and open for those who use our roads to travel to work, school and home. I appreciate the seriousness and competitiveness, while also adding a little fun, that was displayed among the NDOT teams. We are proud to have such talented individuals representing Nebraska at the national competition.

The national competition in Loveland, Colorado, will bring together the best snow plow companies from across the country. Participants face a series of challenging tasks designed to test their skills in various winter road maintenance scenarios. The event offers operators the opportunity to learn from each other, exchange best practices and present their expertise on a national platform.

NDOT remains committed to promoting excellence in winter road maintenance and ensuring the safety of Nebraska residents and visitors. The Roadeo Snow Plow is a reminder of the dedication and hard work of snow plow operators, who play a crucial role in keeping our roads safe and accessible during inclement weather.

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