World Sand Castle Championship is coming to Wisconsin

Building a sandcastle is a fun activity that kids love to do at the beach, and some even carry that talent into adulthood, competing in competitions like the big one coming to Wisconsin this summer.

The Sandcastle World Championships will see some of the best artists in the world compete with intricate, enormous sand sculptures that organizers say will be something never seen before in Wisconsin.

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The Milwaukee Sand Fest is a multi-day event that not only features the world’s best sand artists creating creations from 500 tons of sand, but also includes activities such as “Build Your Own Sand Castle,” a kid’s zone, food trucks, beer garden and live music between August 1 and 4.

Tickets for the event are $14.99 for adults and $12.99 for children ages 3-2 for Thursday and tickets for Friday through Sunday are $19.99 for adults and children are $14.99. The Sandcastle World Championships and Lakefront Beach Festival are held on McKinley Beach.

Sand Sculpture Festival

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Event organizers point out that the entire event takes place on a sandy beach, which may make it difficult for some visitors to attend. For example, wheelchair-bound visitors may find it difficult to attend the event.

Several competitions are held for the Sandcastle World Championships, including solo, duo and an 80-hour team building competition, where teams build giant sculptures over several days.

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