Oregon father pleads guilty to drugging his daughter and her friends during a sleepover

An Oregon man pleaded guilty to drugging his daughter and her friends with smoothies contaminated with sleeping pills during a sleepover last year.

Michael Jay Meyden has pleaded guilty in Clackamas County Circuit Court to three counts of causing another person to ingest a controlled substance on June 10.

Police reported that on August 25, 2023, three friends of Meysen’s daughter attended a sleepover at Meyden’s home. All four girls were twelve years old.

In court documents, the girls said Meyden had been “very involved” in their activities during the sleepover, and “was constantly watching them and interjecting into their conversations.”

The girls told police that Meyden had prepared smoothies for the three visiting girls and his daughter between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. that he “insisted” them drink.

Each smoothie had colored straws to distinguish the cup, and Meyden is said to be “firmly convinced that the girls drink from their own cup.”

The girls described the smoothies as “little white bits sprinkled on top.” One of the girls did not like the smoothie and did not try it, but told police that Meyden then made her another smoothie and encouraged her to drink it.

Meyden also reportedly became upset when he thought one of the girls and his daughter had switched straws between smoothies.

According to the documents, the girls then retreated to the basement to sleep. One of the girls said that during the night she noticed Meyden going into the basement. The girl pretended to be asleep and reported that Meyden took the sleeping friend next to her and “moved her body further to the other side of the bed.”

The conscious girl was startled and moved closer to her friend again. She said Meyden left the basement but returned moments later.

The girl said she pretended to be asleep again, and that this time Meyden again approached the friend he moved earlier, placed his finger under her nose and waved his hand in front of her face “as if he wanted to see if she was fast asleep.”

Meyden then left the room again, the documents state. The girl in question, scared, started repeatedly texting and calling her parents. One of the messages reportedly reads:

“Mom, please pick me up and say there is a family emergency. Don’t feel safe. May not respond, but please come get me (crying emoji), please. Please answer. Please. PLEASE!”

She also called and texted several family friends asking for a ride.

The court doctor then claims that Meyden re-entered the basement and stood near the headboard while “watching” the girl as she continued to pretend to be asleep, before going to where the two other girls were sleeping.

A family friend received the text message from the conscious girl and came to Meyden’s home to pick her up. Meyden let the girl leave. The girl told police she slammed the door when she left and became concerned when her friends didn’t wake up.

Upon returning home, the girl woke her parents, who then tried to contact the parents of the other sleepovers.

The girl’s parents decided to go back to the house in Meyden and pick up the remaining two friends. According to police, when the parents arrived around 3 a.m., Meyden was evasive and told them to come back in the morning to pick up the girls.

The parents insisted on taking the girls, and eventually Meyden let them in. The girls were woken up by the first girl’s parents, packed up their things and left the house. Meyden’s daughter stayed in the house.

Police reported that during an interview with the girl, Meyden moved and waved his hand as she moved and spoke slowly. The girl told them that after drinking the smoothie, she felt “woozy, hot and clumsy” and “fell over” before falling into a “big, deep sleep.” Her parents told police the girl had been scared and dizzy after returning home and kept asking “what happened.”

The documents show that during the hospital sleepover, the three friends tested positive for benzodiazepines, which none of them had been prescribed or would not normally have access to.

Police explain that benzodiazepines are a depressant that can be used to cause drowsiness, confusion, decreased reflexes and memory loss.

At sentencing, the children and families made victim impact statements during the sentencing.

Michael Meyden was sentenced to two years in prison, three years of which will be conditional upon release.

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