Famous life-size stuffed moose traveling to DC

CONCORD, NH — It’s that time of year. Marty the Moose is on his way to Washington, DC for his annual stay at Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s office.

The mounted envoy from New Hampshire is accompanied by his colleague Kodak de Beer. The pair make the annual trek to the nation’s capital as part of the senator’s annual Experience New Hampshire reception.

The event will feature Granite State businesses, restaurants and vendors presenting their offerings to government officials.

The life-size moose made a splash last year, arousing curiosity in DC and beyond (“Giant draws stares at Capitol complex,” The Hill reported. “’Marty the Moose’ is loose in the Capitol,” read another headline).

“They attract a lot of attention,” an employee told the Globe. Employees, visitors and senators all enjoy taking selfies with the 8-foot moose. The two stuffed animals are so lifelike that some onlookers have mistaken them for stuffed animals.

This year, the duo will make the trip in a van via I-95 and are expected to arrive at the senator’s office around noon Tuesday. It’s the only time of year the two leave their New Hampshire home, at the White Mountains Visitor Center in North Woodstock.

Shaheen started bringing a stuffed moose to her office in 2010, even though this is only Marty’s third time making the trek south. Before Marty, there was another stuffed moose named Max, who had been visiting DC for over a decade.

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