Man dies after being thrown from canoe into OK river: police

A 49-year-old man died June 6 on Oregon’s Nehalem River, deputies said. He was thrown into the water from a canoe.

Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office

A 49-year-old man died after being thrown into a river while canoeing with a woman in Oregon, officials said.

The two were floating in a canoe on the Nehalem River near the Miami-Foley Bridge on June 6, the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post.

Their canoe suddenly struck something in the water, “came sideways” and sent them both into the river, officers said.

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The woman began swimming toward the shoreline, but when she looked back, she saw the man “face down in the water, not moving,” officers said.

She turned around, ran back to him, pulled him to shore and attempted life-saving measures.

Residents heard her “cries for help” and called 911, officers said.

Other neighbors responded to the river and also tried to revive him, but he died, authorities said.

Officers are warning the public to always wear a life jacket.

“Even though you may be a lifelong boater or experienced swimmer, you never know what can happen if you hit the water during a boating incident,” Navy Rep. Dennis Greiner said in the post.

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