GOP NC Governor Mark Robinson Doesn’t Say Pearl Harbor Was a False Flag, Just DOING OWN RESEARCH

Black and white photo of a boat rescuing survivors from a battleship at Pearl Harbor
“Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. A small boat rescues a sailor from the 31,800 ton USS West Virginia burning in the foreground. Smoke billowing out amidships shows where the most damage has occurred. Note the two men in the superstructure .The USS Tennessee is inboard.’ Library of Congress photo.

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson’s crazy past continues to surface. Yesterday we let you know about a 2019 video in which Robinson, the GOP nominee for governor, told women to “keep their skirts down” if they do not want to become pregnant.

Ah, but the weekend brought another dig at the right-wing candidate’s long history of endorsing conspiracy theories. Daily email tabloid discovered old audio of a 2018 interview on a right-wing evangelical talk show in which Robinson readily agreed with the host’s claim that Franklin D. Roosevelt helped Japan attack Pearl Harbor in 1941, and also supported the idea that the US assassinated General George Patton in late 1945, all to help the USSR in the Cold War.

Those are both very old, very crazy conspiracy theories. I think I first heard about it in high school in the late 1970s, before anyone even used the term “conspiracy theory,” and you still had to use microfiche and old magazines to research important issues. like if Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike.

For a change, Robinson wasn’t the one to bring up these crazy things on his own, although once Chris Levels, host of the radio show “Politics and Prophecy” brought them up, Robinson was all in and happy to add his own speculations to it. about FDR’s nefarious work on behalf of Josef Stalin. Here is a link to the sound, but it’s a weird format that doesn’t let you pause or fast forward, so you’d have to listen to the whole awful mess.

Levels said there is something strange about the way America’s involvement in World War II played out, noting that “Japan is the one that bombed us, but most of our equipment and efforts went to Europe.”

Robinson agreed:

“Right. It really calls into question the motives and mistrust surrounding our entire introduction to the war, it really does. (…) It raises serious questions.”

Actually not if you know anything about history, but ‘knowing things’ is bad news for conspiracy theories. In the years leading up to December 7, 1941, the US had steadily increased its support for Britain, providing weapons and supplies through the Lend-Lease program, and German U-boats were attacking US military and cargo ships throughout much of 1941 already.

Plus, there’s the little detail that four days after Pearl Harbor and FDR’s declaration of war on Imperial Japan, Germany supported its ally and declared war on the US, a detail that neither Levels nor Robinson appear to have brought up.

Robinson initially said, “You know, I’m not prepared to say that our government deliberately set up Pearl Harbor. I know there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there that say…’

At that point, Levels eagerly jumped in, prompting Robinson to warm up to the topic as well:

LEVELS: I will! There is too much evidence!

ROBINSON: Certainly. There are certainly questions out there, serious questions that have been raised.

Has it gotten even dumber? Of course that happened! This nonsense stems directly from the John Birch Society’s old beliefs about the war, which stated that if FDR had really been serious about peace, he would have followed up the victory over Nazi Germany by immediately attacking the Soviet Union and defeat Stalin, which the Nazis did. had already tried and failed. But it would have been EASY for us.

The only explanation, Robinson said, was that Roosevelt supported Stalin from the start:

If you look at the whole thing, and you look at the way that FDR completely ignored the struggle in Japan and focused all his energy, all his energy was focused on a way for us to get to Europe, not just to get to Europe, but to go there to help the man he called Uncle Joe.

So wait a minute, we went to Europe and we “liberated Europe from the Nazis,” but then we turned around and turned over even more property to the communists. That makes no sense!

It will undoubtedly come as a surprise to the Americans who served in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945 that all of America’s efforts were focused on Europe. It’s kind of hard to say that Roosevelt ignored the Pacific when you consider that within six months of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the US was already on the offensive in the Pacific, with the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942, followed by Midway Island, Pacific Ocean. next month. Four of the six aircraft carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor were destroyed at Midway.

Not that facts matter too much when you’re promoting a conspiracy theory. We can at least be happy that neither Levels nor Robinson have openly complained that the US should have supported Hitler in the fight against communism (the Jews), or called FDR “Rosenfeld,” popular tropes with fascist sympathizers going back to World War II and beyond, and still big with today’s neo-Nazis.

Also in the interview, Levels claimed that the US had probably assassinated General George S. Patton because after VE Day he supported a whole new war with the USSR. In reality, Patton was December 1945 paralyzed in a car accident and died two weeks later, but what if Harry Truman had he killed? It’s another popular nonsense theory from the right, so of course it must be true:

“I’m not ready to say for sure, but it seems like it, because Patton was a rabid dog when it came to that communism thing,” Robinson replied. (…)

“How this man ended up dying in a ‘car accident’ I will never know,” Robinson said.

‘I certainly don’t believe it. I just think it’s too weird,” Robinson said of his death as a result of the accident.

Robinson also called FDR a “quasi-socialist or a complete socialist surrounded by communists” who went to Europe with the “intent of saving Joseph Stalin, saving communism and saving Marxism.”

An enormous 6X6 2.5 ton truck made a sudden turn – without signaling, in front of Patton’s limousine – because the truck driver was an inattentive idiot. Cars didn’t have seat belts back then. Others in Patton’s car survived, suggesting the collision was far from certain, as homicides often go.

Robinson communicates with director Mike Lonergan rejected the Daily email article as “just more twisted wordplay concocted by the Democrats and their allies in the press to falsely attack Mark Robinson,” which may be the first time we’ve seen the generally right-leaning tabloid described as an ally of the Democrats. Besides, Lonergan said, hadn’t Robinson said he wasn’t prepared to fully support the crazy theories before saying the real history was too suspect to believe?

He’s not weird, you’re weird, the end.

(Daily email / Photo: Library of Congress)

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