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by Deborah Tilden, Stevensville

Here are the facts the petition gatherers are NOT telling you about what CI-128 would do to change the Montana Constitution:

Based on the facts you will read below, please refuse to sign CI-128 – WE THE PEOPLE are so much better than this.

– Abortion is already legal and fully taxpayer funded in Montana, up to 26 weeks for any reason (that’s 6 1/2 months). That’s more extreme than almost any country in the world, except North Korea and China.

– Montana already offers the right to abortion to save the life of the mother. However, any good maternal/fetal specialist would tell you that they treat both the mother and the child in the womb while making every effort to save both lives. It’s actually quite rare that you have to end the child’s life in the womb to save the mother’s life. There ARE other options. Modern medicine has come a long way!

– CI-128 would allow abortions to be performed on minors without parental notice or consent, for any reason, again funded entirely by taxpayers, or by parents’ insurance.

– Would allow abortions to be performed by non-physicians up to birth. NO guardrails for abortion, including partial birth abortion. What are those good health care standards for women?

– Dangerous chemical abortion pills would become more readily available. The abortion industry would be in charge of women’s health care. Including the dangerous dispensing of the harmful chemical abortion pills that a woman takes to end the life of the child in the womb, and then induces labor to ‘expel’ her dead child’s body and placenta into the toilet. waterways and waste management systems. And put her at a 25% greater risk of excessive bleeding and bleeding. These pills are currently dispensed without medical examination or checking the gestational age of the baby in the womb.

– Women would NOT be given full disclosure and informed consent about the risks, complications, and causal relationships to their lifelong holistic health and wholeness. Women are told that abortion is ‘safe’.

– Anyone, even a parent, spouse, friend, etc. can be arrested and charged with a crime for trying to convince a woman to make a harmful, uninformed abortion decision.

– Women would be limited in their ability to claim damages against the abortion provider if and when they are diagnosed with breast cancer later in life, infertility problems for various reasons, an increase in miscarriages and premature births, and/or psychological problems and/or suicidal problems . All known risks and causal links according to global scientific data.

– Pregnancy clinics that do not promote or refer to abortions, are vulnerable to targets from the abortion industry and government agencies.

– Bills to protect innocent human life in the womb would be rejected as “unconstitutional” – that is, they eliminate safeguards for future generations. The obsessive global population control agenda would be unleashed in the state of Montana.

– Allow “abortion-minded” out-of-state visitors to use Montana as their abortion destination at taxpayer expense.

– Increasing the exploitation of sex trafficking – would make Montana a “safe haven” for violent offenders and sex traffickers who abuse women.

– Would allow Planned Parenthood to continue covering up cases of statutory rape. Please note that they are trying to lower the minimum age to gain access to more customers. If you don’t believe me, look for the CSE (Comprehensive Sex Education) curricula in many schools across the country, which pushes promiscuous sex curricula on children as young as kindergarten. It was produced during Obama’s term in office and was largely created at the time by Planned Parenthood board members. Sexualizing young children is NEVER a good policy.

In short, folks, THIS ballot initiative is way too extreme for Montana, and frankly everywhere.

The fact is that ‘abortion/termination of pregnancy’, whether legal or not, has always been with us, and unfortunately always will be. People make choices every day of the week, 24/7, that are not good for themselves and others.

However, much work is still needed to establish standards for good, holistic, non-invasive and natural healthcare for women.

Forcing all taxpayers to pay for abortion as a form of contraception is not good for anyone!

Changing a state constitution for these purposes is dark, barbaric, dangerous and devalues ​​innocent, voiceless people at all levels – the ripple effect is real.

Also keep in mind that based on the “transgender reproductive rights” being pushed on all taxpayers across the country, THAT will be the next thing all Montanans will have to pay for.

The passage of CI-128 would REQUIRE you to open your checkbook, sign on the bottom signature line, and give the abortion industry, Planned Parenthood, the abortion-on-demand agenda a blank check and force you to do whatever they come up with. funding that has even remotely anything to do with women’s health and reproductive “rights.”

Mark my words.

I’m all for freedom, but again, abortion should not be a form of birth control. Good policy is based on principles that are good, right and true. So how about we promote that the BEST birth control is self-control.

Let us promote a world full of love, hope, mercy and celebrate all human life, including the unborn little human beings who need to be protected, and by REFUSING to sign CI-128 – the “Reproductive Rights” ballot initiative. There is A LOT they are NOT telling you to try to get you to sign this ballot initiative.

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