Dan Lanning talks about the balance of the Oregon QB room with Dillon Gabriel, Dante Moore

Dan Lanning loves the balance and culture of the Oregon quarterback room with Dillon Gabriel And Dante Moore on the top.

Gabriel and Moore have transferred, but Gabriel is in his final season. Moore, a former five-star player, started a handful of games UCLA last year before coming to Eugene.

But the talent and culture are a great fit and Lanning can’t wait to see them grow this fall.

“More important than what they are as players, these guys are incredible people,” Lanning further said The herd. “And they want to be where they’re going to develop, but they’re great teammates. You got to see these guys in the locker room interacting with their teammates and that’s what I think we have and you know, in that whole quarterback room. You also had a young guy and often Austin Novosad who had an incredible spring. But you know, Dante can make every throw known to man, Dillon has incredible experience. So I’m really excited about our quarterback room.

There are young players, but the main goal is to get everyone prepared, especially Gabriel and Moore.
“And you just step on the field every day and say how can we get better because you never know which one you’re going to need, who you’re going to call on game day,” Lanning said. “But having that talent in that room, but more importantly having those types of players with their personality. You know, guys on the growth mindset team, I think that really fits our culture.”

After a scrimmage during spring training, Lanning praised his new Gabriela dn Moore for the way they played and handled the fast pace.

“The speed of the game comes out more and more at scrimmage because it’s just a little bit faster,” Lanning said. “I thought both guys handled it well. Both boys were able to move their feet a bit and use their feet, which was positive to see from them.”

Gabriel comes in with a lot of experience, having started three seasons at UCF and two at Oklahoma. During his college career, he threw for 14,865 yards and 125 touchdowns. Meanwhile, Moore was a five-star recruit in the Class of 2023 who spent his freshman year at UCLA.

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