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If the United States does nothing, the country will likely lose its leading position in AI to China

By Massey Villarreal

AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) — As a leader in the Texas business community and owner of a technology company, I have witnessed firsthand the critical role technology plays in our state’s economy and national security. This is evident from a recent study by the Texas Association of Business that was published earlier this year highlights the technology industry’s significant impact on job creation and economic growth in Texas – with more than 9 million technology workers nationwide by 2022 and an annual increase of 3.2%.

Another study also found that Austin is on the rise a “Top Tier City” for tech talent, #1 in the United States.

As technology and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to evolve, entire sectors of the Texas and American economy will change. But a recent report highlighted the a supportive business ecosystem will play a crucial role in harnessing the economic potential of innovation.

There are enormous benefits to be gained from leveraging technological innovations and AI, but lawmakers at all levels of government must remain cautious about pursuing policies that could slow AI innovations and technological developments, risking billions in economic gains and sacrificing our technological leadership to foreign adversaries. , mainly China.

This is especially important in light of recent reports that China is developing a trained AI model to promote ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’.


If not, China is poised to leapfrog the United States and both Texas and America will be followers, not leaders, in AI innovation.

Massey Villarreal is CEO and president of Houston-based technology company Precision Task Group (PTG) and currently serves as president of the Texas Association of Business.

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