Dan Lanning calls consistency a lesson he learned from Nick Saban

Oregon head coach Dan Lanning Now entering his third year as head coach of the Ducks, he has a new challenge ahead of him with the program competing in the Big Ten Conference this upcoming football season.

In just two years, Lanning has developed into one of college football’s best young coaches. It is even taken into account Alabama‘s vacant head coaching job in January following the legendary head coach’s retirement Nick Saban. Which played a crucial role in Lanning’s career.

Lanning spent one season as a graduate assistant under Saban at Alabama in 2015, which eventually led to the first FBS position coaching job of his career and later his first head coaching job at Oregon. And on Tuesday, Lanning opened up about the biggest lesson he learned from Saban during an interview with Collin Cowherd.

“When you get there and you’re with Coach for a year, you realize this guy is a robot. The definition of consistency,” Lanning said.

“You know the sun comes up in Tuscaloosa tomorrow and he’s going to have a staff meeting at 7:30. And just the consistent approach that he’s going to eat the same thing for lunch, he’s going to do the same thing for breakfast.

Saban was known for his signature daily breakfast of two Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies during his coaching career. And also known for his victories, considered by most to be the greatest college football coach of all time with seven national titles, 11 SEC titles and an overall record of 292-71-1 during his career as a college head coach.

But Lanning learned much more from Saban than just consistency, sharing how he was also taught about the importance of growth, improvement and evolution as a successful head coach.

“But within that, the ability to learn from others and always look for an edge, I think Kirby (smart)‘s elite are in there too. For example, how can we do this better? Where can we grow?” Lanning asked. “And I think both of those guys that you know are seeing a level of consistency when it comes to recruiting, when it comes to developing the players. That’s definitely something I took from Nick.”

The title of the best coach in college football has seemingly been passed from Saban to Smart after his retirement. But Lanning’s impressive 22-5 start at Oregon, combined with his vocal commitment to the program and the lessons he’s learned from the best, could set him up for a shot at the crown in the near future.

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