Focus on Case Management: CMSA publishes four key documents for all case management professionals

Providence, RI ( — Last week, the Case Management Society of America held its annual conference. Case managers from all industries come together in Providence, Rhode Island, to learn, network and share information to improve their practice and the healthcare system.

Several articles have been introduced that will help CMSA, and all case managers share the critical work that case managers do in every sector of the health care system.

Each of these articles is important for case managers to read so they can examine their practices and ensure they are reaching their full potential.

I’m sharing them in this post so that you are informed and have the information to improve your practice.

The first article is entitled Promoting Successful Outcomes in Primary Care. Here is the link to access the paper.

This article highlights the critical role of case management and professional case managers (PCMs) in improving care coordination and patient outcomes among primary care organizations and providers.

The article describes the characteristics of a successful case management practice context based on the three tracks of the MCP model, the role responsibilities of PCMs to support care interventions for people with multiple chronic conditions and HRSNs, and the Case Management Society of America’s application (CMSA ) standards of practice – all in primary care.

This article also provides critical, evidence-based information demonstrating the potential value of the MCP model, and guidance on key strategies that primary care organizations and providers are encouraged to adopt.

Nurse case managers in Workers’ Compensation can share this document with the physicians they work with so they know that working with case managers improves outcomes for the patients they see.

The second document is a statement from CMSA on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEBI) that will help guide a new committee led by two experienced case managers: Michael B. Garrett, MS, CCM, and Dr. Ellen Fink-Samnick, DBH, MSW, LCSW, ACSW, CCM, CCTP, CRP, FCM.

The purpose of the committee is to help case managers and all stakeholders better understand our role in improving the environment for our patients and their caregivers, staff and all stakeholders across the continuum of care through DEIB. Here is the link to read the position paper

The third article is titled The Impact of Case Management on the Healthcare System. This document is specifically designed for healthcare professionals; this resource takes a deep dive into how case management improves patient outcomes, reduces costs, and more. Download the fact sheet today to gain valuable insights into making the most of case management. Here is the link for more information.

Fourth article: Case Management at a Glance: This resource is designed to help patients, families, and caregivers understand how case managers can guide you to better health outcomes and a smoother healthcare journey. Here is a link to download the article

Please take the time to read each of these documents and share them so others can be informed about your work and how case management improves care delivery, one patient at a time, across the care continuum.

I would also like to congratulate and welcome Janet Coulter as president of the Case Management Society of America. Janet will do an excellent job leading the national board and growing CMSA, THE professional organization for all case managers.

Follow CMSA, your professional organization, to stay informed about the work the National Council is doing to help every case manager become their best self.

Have a good week!

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