Pennsylvania schools are embracing a business-oriented curriculum

In Pennsylvania, schools are implementing the Total Experience Learning program, developed by Dr. Adelle Damage. This initiative, aimed at improving traditional education by integrating business innovation skills, has gained attention across the country. The program offers courses at Albright College that allow teachers to earn credits toward a master’s degree.

Total Experience Learning, a registered trademark of ConvergEd, emphasizes experiential learning and encourages students to apply classroom knowledge in practical business contexts. For example, one student described using poetry in a business pitch, similar to a “Shark Tank” presentation. This approach has reportedly led to increased student engagement and patent applications.

The program expansion is supported by a $3 million federal grant and is part of Albright’s new School of Business and Professional Studies. Although the college faces financial challenges and leadership changes, the program continues to receive substantial community support and grants.

Barry Schlouch, alumnus and company founder, praised the program’s effectiveness in preparing students for success in business environments. He, along with other financial donors, support the growth and implementation of the program in more Pennsylvania schools.

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