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A former teacher has been busted after filming porn clips at a Texas elementary school. She reportedly filmed the videos in her classroom and sent them to her boyfriend.

According to a report from KHOU, the Texas teacher was caught after the fact when her now ex-boyfriend released the tapes. She has accused him of “revenge porn” but admitted he filmed the X-rated material at Gray Elementary School in Houston.

“It was poor judgment on my part,” the unnamed former teacher said in an interview with the outlet. “I would never do it again.” She has not been formally charged with a crime; however, police opened an investigation into the matter following a press conference about her behavior in the community.

The former teacher said she resigned over a separate issue and would only film the pornography on weekends when no one was around. She accused her ex-boyfriend of releasing the videos: “I never sent this to thousands of men. Like, I’m not that type of person,” she said. “This was just a relationship, a private matter, and he released it.”

The teacher’s behavior comes just days before it was announced that another school staff member had died in a homicide. However, according to the Daily Mail, the events appear to be unrelated. After viewing the footage, the outlet reported that the teacher would pose to show off her breasts next to children’s toys and books in the classroom. In another clip, she pulls down her pants and underwear for the camera.

She did not attempt to conceal her identity in the videos, which at one point showed her ID badge.

At the press conference that led to the police investigation into the case, activist Quanell X said, “If she did this in a classroom, what else will she do?”

“We had a teacher in class who during school hours undressed her buttocks, bent over and showed everything on the video and all you could see was cellulite hanging out and her pubic hair. This is a shame and a shame that this is the kind is an educator and teacher who sits in the classroom,” he added.

The school district released the following statement after seeing the revelations:

“This afternoon, the district received copies of two videos from a former employee that were allegedly recorded on school property. The videos were provided by a citizen. Our officers have opened an investigation and upon initial review do not believe that children were present during the However, during the filming of the videos, the investigating officer is working to verify the time stamp and the circumstances surrounding the recordings.”

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