Son of ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Jase Robertson nearly killed by tornado that destroyed home

The Duck Dynasty family had a frightening experience when a tornado ripped through their property in Tennessee. But it could have been so much worse. While Jase and Misty Robertson were out of town, their son Cole was home because of the tornado.

Speaking about the Unashamed podcast, the Duck Dynasty star said he didn’t even realize what happened until a friend texted him, “We’re praying for you all.” He immediately called his son, who told him about the storm. He said, “When she called him it was a 30 second call and he was in and out…The reason his phone wasn’t working was because a tornado had already hit,” Jase recalled. “Within 30 seconds my son was in shock having survived a tornado that hit our house.”

Jase and Misty didn’t realize how much damage the tornado had caused. When they could no longer reach their son, they asked his brother to drive out and check on him. Due to the extent of the damage, it took him some time to reach the home. He told his parents that the tornado leveled about 30 acres of trees on the property. Luckily, Cole was okay.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Talks Tornado

Cole pulled up to the property, unaware of how bad the storm was. He noticed that the family’s goats had become loose. “He saw the goat and took about five steps towards it and he said he felt something strange, like the pressure in the air.” Jase remembers Cole telling them. “When he looked behind the house, all the trees were sideways on the ground. Then all of a sudden he heard this buzzing.”

The Duck Dynasty alum realized a tornado was approaching. Cole ran inside because he didn’t have time to get into the on-site storm shelter. However, the wind knocked him down. Luckily, he managed to get inside and into a bathtub. ‘He hears what sounds like a train. Breaking windows. Trees are falling on the house,” Jase said.

A total of 13 trees crashed through the house. The tornado ravaged the building, but somehow Cole survived. The Duck dynasty stars are grateful. Jase said, “The only place that wasn’t considered totaled was the main part of our house…and there was the bathroom.” Fans have sent their prayers.

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