World news | Historic elections in Mexico: everything you need to know

From left to right: Mexico’s presidential candidates – Claudia Sheinbaum, Xochitl Galvez, Jorge Alvarez Maynez (Photo/X)

Mexico City (Mexico), June 2 (ANI): As Mexico prepares for the upcoming elections on June 2, the country is on the cusp of a transformative moment in its political history.

With thousands of positions up for grabs and an unprecedented number of candidates vying for office, the stage is set for a milestone that could see Mexico’s first female president take power, CNN reported.

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The presidential race in particular has captured the nation’s attention, with several prominent candidates emerging as frontrunners in the race for the presidency.

Here’s an overview of the top contenders:

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Claudia Sheinbaum

At 61, Sheinbaum brings a wealth of experience, having served as mayor of Mexico City and distinguished herself as a climate scientist. The candidacy of Sheinbaum, a close ally of incumbent President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, represents a continuation of his policies, with an emphasis on social welfare, education and environmental sustainability. If elected, she would not only be Mexico’s first female president, but also the first leader of Jewish descent to hold the position, as reported by CNN.

Under her policies, Sheinbaum has promised:

*Continuation of Lopez Obrador’s retirement program for seniors

* Expansion of scholarships for students

* Providing free fertilizers to small farmers

* Implement comprehensive security reforms, including the consolidation of the National Guard and judicial reforms

* Despite her close relationship with Lopez Obrador, Sheinbaum has emphasized her independence and leadership style, seeking to differentiate herself from her predecessor while embracing his core principles.

Xochitl Galvez

Backed by a coalition of opposition parties, including PRI, PAN and PRD, Galvez has emerged as a formidable challenger to Sheinbaum’s candidacy. With a background in business and politics, Galvez offers a fresh perspective on governance, advocating for a universal social protection system and a focus on strengthening local law enforcement agencies.

Her proposals include:

*Continuation of Lopez Obrador’s retirement program for seniors

* Implementation of a comprehensive social security system for the middle and lower classes

* Prioritize renewable energy initiatives to reduce Mexico’s dependence on fossil fuels

* Strengthening local and national police forces to address security concerns

* Galvez’s mixed heritage and experience in Indigenous affairs underscore her commitment to inclusivity and social justice, which resonates with voters across the political spectrum.

Jorge Alvarez Maynez

A relative newcomer to the presidential race, Maynez has attracted attention for his bold policy proposals and progressive vision for Mexico’s future. At 38, Maynez represents a new generation of leaders, advocating sweeping reforms to address pressing issues such as crime, economic inequality and environmental sustainability.

The 38-year-old has promised:

* Decriminalizing simple drug possession to tackle poverty and reduce incarceration

* Ending the militarization of law enforcement and focusing on police training and community involvement

* Implementing a universal pension system and progressive tax reforms to address economic inequality

* Transition of the Mexican energy sector to renewable and clean energy sources

* Despite setbacks, including a tragic accident at a campaign event, Maynez remains committed to his vision for a more just and sustainable Mexico.

Key issues: security and migration

In addition to the personalities and policies of the presidential candidates, Mexico’s elections are determined by pressing issues such as security and migration. With rising crime rates and persistent challenges at its borders, Mexico faces complex and interconnected challenges that require thoughtful leadership and strategic solutions, as reported by CNN.

Security remains a top priority for voters, with concerns about political violence and organized crime casting a shadow over the electoral process. Despite progress on certain indicators, such as homicides and crimes committed with firearms, Mexico continues to struggle with systemic problems that threaten the security and stability of its citizens.

Migration is also high on the national agenda, with Mexico serving as a transit point for thousands of migrants and asylum seekers seeking refuge in the United States, CNN reported. (ANI)

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