Jay Johnson reacts to LSU’s loss to North Carolina in Chapel Hill

LSU fell short in their second game of the Chapel Hill Regional, with the Tigers falling 6-2 to fourth-ranked North Carolina on Saturday afternoon at Boshamer Stadium, Bryson Field.

The loss dropped LSU to 41-22 on the season and 1-1 in NCAA Regionals, while the Tar Heels improved to 44-13 and 2-0 in the Regional.

The Tigers return Sunday at 11 a.m. CT to take on Wofford in their third game of the regional. The game can be streamed on ESPN+ and can be heard on LSU Sports Radio Network affiliates.

It will be a win or go home showdown for the reigning national champions, with Wofford next.

Jay Johnson spoke to the media after Saturday’s loss to North Carolina.

The full question/answer:

Three games to win in two days: the thought process

“We’ve worked too hard to get here to let a little disappointment get in the way of what lies ahead. I’ve done it in one region and twice in Omaha, so I feel good about what we have available, I really do.

“This is a little more than what we did in Hoover, but it’s the format. We knew that when we went in. That’s why we threw out Gage yesterday and Luke today so we didn’t have to. It’s the first time in four years that I’m not at 2-0, but the best wins I’ve had in my career, including Omaha last year, came in elimination matches. I have full confidence in our team that we will execute. Our goal isn’t just to get out of here now. Our goal is to have the best day we have had as a team tomorrow.”

Using bullpen to move forward:

“Well, we definitely tried to win the game. We’ve been coming back a lot lately, but if you’re in trouble, bringing in Herring or Guidry who pitched yesterday isn’t the best move. Since we have three games, not counting the ones available (Jump and Holman), we’re in about as good a place as we could be from two games.

The fight against transgression:

“Braswell smoked one. Travinski hit one well, but it’s a tough throw to do much with. We had a really good plan, we were committed to the plan, they just didn’t give us much to do anything with and when we did we hit someone hard.

The approach for Sunday:

“You start tomorrow at noon, we’re playing against a great team. This is a great region. Long Island, hats off to them for how they played last night. The other three teams are really good teams. There is no more carpet ride to the supermarkets. At home or on the road, it doesn’t matter. There’s three great teams left and it just starts with a great start on the mound and a great approach at the plate, and then you get to the second one tomorrow night and do it again.

Inexperienced selection, challenges associated with it:

“We are always learning, but if you have expensive experience at this time of year, it is very expensive. That’s part of the game and part of what we do to develop players. We had some of that tonight, and I couldn’t have imagined that we would be rolling out three freshmen in a regional road against the No. 1 seed. There are four teams in the country, but a big reason why we are here is because of the guys who helped lead the last seasonal wave. I have no problem with how we competed in the match. You win these regionals when your best players are playing great and someone is going to pay that guy a lot of money and he got some good swings in tonight.

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