De Meilandjes announces the title, cover and publication date of the new book

The book is called Family – behind the scenes at Meilandjes, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the family. Martin Milland announced the book’s title and cover on Instagram, saying the book will be released on June 25. The book will be on display in the Montana store.

It is not the first time that the family has published a book. Erica, Maxime and Martian previously published a biography about themselves. All books are written by columnist Jan Dijkgraaf, but in the new book he collaborates with director Timon Moll Chateau Meyland And I am leaving. “Timon and I write behind the scenes about our experiences with Meilandjes. It is lovingly written, but also very honest,” Jan tells RTL Boulevard. According to the columnist, special roles are reserved for Grandma Jenny and Montana in the book, because they are seen as “flourishing” since they became single again. “With, of course, some remarkable revelations, which unfortunately I cannot tell you yet. Of course, we will also discuss the cases of recent years in detail, such as Caroline, the Penguin case and the summary proceedings against Maxime.”

Timon followed the Meilandjes when they emigrated to France and knows them inside and out after years of filming. The director can tell us exactly what a real family looks like outside the cameras. The Meilandjes family will reportedly have no say in the book. They can read everything in advance.

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