the oldest of them is 4,500 years old

Scientists have determined the age of river barges previously found in one of the lakes in the state of Wisconsin, in the northern United States.

They are all of different ages: the youngest dates back to 1250 AD and the oldest was built 2,500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

Such conclusions came from the Wisconsin Historical Society, the Arkeonews. The age of prehistoric canoes was determined using radiocarbon dating, a method of dating organic substances.

At depths of more than 800 feet in Wisconsin’s Lake Mendota, historians have discovered at least 13 ancient canoes along the once submerged shoreline. The first was found in 2021.

Experts examine the canoe

Wisconsin Historical Society

Learning to canoe with the help of a computer

Archaeologists believe the canoes were deliberately buried in water during the winter months, a common practice, to prevent them from freezing and warping.

“Seeing these canoes with your own eyes is a powerful experience. They are a physical reflection of what we know from the oral traditions of indigenous peoples.”said Nation Bill, Ho-Chunk Tribal Historic Preservation Officer.

Dr. Amy Rosebro noted that divers also found stone tools in the reservoir. The finds show that there used to be an ancient human settlement on that site.

It is believed that the Paleo-Indians, the first people to inhabit South America at the end of the last Ice Age, lived in the area before the Ho-Chunk tribe came to the lake area (about 800 BC). Traces of their stay there date back to about 10,000 years BC.

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