From Texas to Michigan, a tough month full of tornadoes | World news

May was a bad month for severe weather in the United States. More than 500 tornadoes were reported, the most of any month in at least five years, uprooting homes and disrupting lives in cities small and large.

The country averages about 275 tornadoes in May, more than any other month. But this month of May was still exceptional. At least 25 tornadoes in the month were rated EF-2 or higher, meaning they likely had winds of at least 110 mph.

Several of the storms proved deadly, including in Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Texas.

One city in Oklahoma was hit for a second time this spring. A tornado as wide as 2 miles wide ripped through Barnsdall, Oklahoma, home to 1,000 residents, on May 6, ripping the roof off a nursing home and killing one person.

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In nearby Bartlesville, where power lines were downed and injuries were reported, emergency services rescued people trapped in a Hampton Inn.

In May, tornadoes were observed in more than thirty states, including Michigan. Residents near Kalamazoo had to search the wreckage of a mobile home park.

“We found houses on the roadway, we found houses in the neighbors’ houses,” the sheriff said. “We found big trees in houses. We found many vehicles destroyed by large trees or houses.”

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A tornado ripped through a Houston suburb. A dangerous mix of severe weather surprised the Houston area on May 16, with extreme winds shattering windows in the city’s center and a tornado ripping through the suburb of Cypress. At least seven deaths were linked to the storms.

Rescue crews searched for victims in Greenfield, Iowa. After a tornado damaged the hospital and leveled homes in rural Iowa, locals set up a treatment room at the local lumberyard.

“It’s a completely different city now,” said Ray Sorensen, a local politician who helped pull one man from the wreckage.

Four people were killed by the storm in the Greenfield area, officials said. Another person died in a nearby county.

Over Memorial Day weekend, storms and tornadoes killed at least 23 people and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people in the South. In Texas, a tornado killed at least seven people, including two children aged 2 and 5.

Although May has historically been the nation’s peak month for tornadoes, June has the second most.

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