‘Not true at all’: CBS host arrests Doug Burgum over Hunter Biden’s false claim

CBS host Margaret Brennan called out North Dakota Governor Doug Bugum (R), Donald Trump’s surrogate, after he made a claim about Hunter Biden that was “completely untrue.”

During Sunday Confront the nation On the broadcast, Brennan took Burgum to task for suggesting Trump was convicted of a paperwork error in his hush money trial in New York.

Brennan noted that Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, has also claimed he is being prosecuted over a “paper error” in a gun case.

“That’s now going to federal court because of what he did in purchasing that gun,” Brennan said. “That was a paperwork violation. Are you offended by that too? Is that also a miscarriage of justice?’

“Well, I think what’s sad for America is the whole weaponization of the system and we’re going to see more of this,” Burgum opined.

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“Do you think it’s a weapon against Hunter Biden?” Brennan pressed.

“I think it’s a weapon against President Trump, but if you’re going to talk about equality in court, we know that media companies have acknowledged that they worked with the federal government to suppress information about Hunter Biden’s laptop during an election year,” Burgum responded.

“That is not true at all when it comes to this journalist or the journalists involved in this program,” Brennan argued.

“Then why were his stories about it pulled from the media companies?” Burgum complained. “Why was it suppressed during those elections? So why are we talking about the Steele dossier? I mean, we could go back.”

“And if we want to achieve equality, make sure we have a level playing field.”

Watch the video below from CBS or via the link. .

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