Stiff Little Fingers’ latest US tour ‘Hate Has No Home Here’. Chicago (05.10.2024)

Jake Burns recently spoke to Dying Scene about how this coast-to-coast tour of the United States is the last the band will do. He left the door open for possible one-off shows and festival appearances.

And what a show it was tonight in the Metro. Look in one direction: There were many friends from the Chicago punk scene, including members of Pegboy and Naked Raygun, as well as many other musicians. Look the other way and you saw people representing Liar’s Club and other venues where Burns performed, with SLF or with other musicians. The show also brought fans from across the country and the pond. At the very front sat Martin, a fan with a large SLF tattoo on his arm. Martin told me he had just flown in from Belfast, the city where Burns was born and raised.

After some introductory music, the band – Jake Burns, Ali McMordie, Steve Grantley and Ian McCallum – launched into one of their most famous songs, ‘Suspect Device’. The song comes from the band’s landmark album Flammable material. Stiff Little Fingers’ roaring performance of the song set the mood for the evening.

Burns also talked about how special it was to be back in Chicago and the campaign that inspired both the tour’s title and the song they then launched with, “Hate Has No Home Here.” The song also showcases the powerful music the band can still produce.

Stiff Little Fingers put in a solid 75 minutes. The set included the classics ‘Wasted Life’, ‘Gotta Getaway’ and ‘Tin Soldiers’. Burns talked about how The Clash’s Joe Strummer inspired SLF as an introduction to “Strummerville.”

The band closed the evening with a fiery rendition of their most famous and best song, ‘Alternative Ulster’. With the crowd singing along loudly, there was no doubt that this was a special night for the band and for everyone in attendance. I felt so happy to see Stiff Little Fingers retire from regular touring on such a high note. Stiff Little Fingers is one of the pioneering punk bands of the genre’s first generation. The strength of the band never wavered.

Thanks gentlemen!

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