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Spencer Aiden Langston, 17, passed away unexpectedly in a tragic car accident in the early morning hours of May 30, 2024. Later that same day, he was scheduled to graduate and receive his diploma from Herriman High School.

Aiden was born on July 11, 2006 to Gary and Kristen Langston in Murray, Utah. His parents were quick to brag that he was “the cutest boy ever.” As a child, he played for hours with Lego and built newly purchased sets and his own creations. He was passionate about drawing, reading book after book, dinosaurs, playing football and flag football, cycling, playing video games and spending time with friends. He loved animals as much or more than he loved people, especially cats. Even though cats weren’t allowed in Dad’s house, that never stopped him from begging and bargaining for them! He was even willing to take one from his mother’s house and then take it home! Aiden was an excellent younger brother, who could always be counted on to watch over and protect his big sister, a role he took very seriously. He was great to his parents and could always be counted on for help.

As a student at Herriman High School, Aiden quickly made many new and lasting friends. He was loyal to the core and would do anything for “his people”. His friends were part of his family and he loved them dearly. Aiden was very intelligent and wise because of his life experience. He was a deep thinker and intellect. School wasn’t his top priority, but it was clear that he was going to be successful in whatever he decided to do in life. He was an enthusiastic student who enjoyed researching and studying topics and activities that interested him. Everything related to cars was his favorite subject!

Aiden was so excited to get his driver’s license, knowing it meant new freedom and opportunity. He became a real driver who helped his family take people back and forth. Most of the time he didn’t even complain! He had a great love for cars and trucks. He worked at Jiffy Lube and quickly learned how to repair and maintain almost every type of vehicle on the road. He enjoyed finding ways to modify his car to make it “better” and “faster” with “more horsepower” and was constantly buying new parts. It was an endless exercise of modifications that would make the car louder and more noticeable to all the neighbors… and other unsuspecting drivers! The cash never seemed to slow him down as he was constantly haggling and negotiating with someone, usually Mom or Dad, to help finance his greatest passion! He never turned down an opportunity to help other people fix their own cars. He never met an exotic sports car he didn’t want to own and put the engine to the test. He was an expert negotiator in exchanging one car for another. In his short life he owned no fewer than 5 cars…as far as we know! At one point he owned two different vehicles: one to transport him around town and one to get him into the canyon to go snowboarding with his family and friends! It was hard to argue with the practicality and rationality of that decision!

Aiden had a love for life and was always looking for ways to find more joy and happiness. He was athletically gifted and enjoyed playing various sports. Rugby became his passion sport, and he absolutely loved it! Throughout the season he limped around with aches, pains and lots of bruises. He never met an opponent too big to tackle! He was a fearless tackler and never backed down from another player on the field.

Aiden had a special bond with his mother. He enjoyed having long conversations with her about his friends, girlfriends, challenges and opportunities he had in life. He relied on her for advice and emotional support.

He loved playing family games, and he was especially proud of himself when he convinced his father to play too! He loved going to the gym, cooking healthy protein meals and showing off his extensive muscles. He had a six pack, or maybe it was a twelve pack, that most men would kill for! He loved TV shows and movies (and texting his friends!), especially horror movies. It seemed like he couldn’t get enough of it. He looked forward to long conversations while sitting in the hot tub with his brothers. He was ready for every challenge thrown his way in their ‘Truth or Dare’ games, ranging from polar plunges in the pool to running around the garden in the snow. His craziest and perhaps most successful challenge was the night he decided to eat a whole ghost pepper. After drinking a whole liter of milk and eating several bowls of ice cream, he convinced himself he wouldn’t do that again!

Aiden was definitely the loudest member of the family. His volume was a function of his excitement and happiness. The louder he got, the more excited and happy he was! It was common for him to hole up in the basement and do ‘his thing’ while the rest of us in the house could hear him clearly, even a few floors up! Video games with family and friends can be deafening!

Aiden loved the outdoors, except when it came to pulling weeds and mowing the lawn. Believe it or not, he was quite adept with the lawn mower, creating incredibly straight lines that satisfied even his father! Outdoors, he enjoyed camping, riding all-terrain vehicles, sitting around the fire and shooting guns. A few weeks ago he almost shot his eye out!

Aiden became interested in serving in the military in his early teens and joined the Navy as soon as he turned 17. He was excited to report for basic training on June 25, 2024. He took pride in serving his country and proving to his family and loved ones that he would have a successful military career. He was blessed with an excellent mentor and friend, Petty Officer Kizer. There was no doubt that he would do well in the Navy, where he wanted to train as a welder, doing underwater welding. His loyalty, work ethic and love for his fellow sailors would have paved the way for a great life experience in the Navy. He wanted to travel the world to explore distant lands, meet new people and experience the beauty of this amazing planet.

Aiden is survived by his father Gary Langston (Jen) and mother Kristen Langston (Christy), his sister Sydney Langston, step-siblings Dylan Rodabough (Nicole), Dallas Rodabough (Lexie), Tyler Rodabough, Riley Heyer-Wilkinson, Easton Heyer. Wilkinson, grandparents Susan Langston and Don and Linda Lyster, and of course many loyal and wonderful friends!

Funeral services will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2024 at 11:00 AM in a chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, located at 14172 South Emmaline Drive, Herriman, Utah. Family and friends are invited to a viewing on Friday evening from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Larkin Mortuary – Riverton, 3688 W 12600 S, Riverton, Utah. We want to wow the facilities and show the world how much Aiden meant to each of us! Viewings are also available on Saturday mornings from 9:30 am prior to services in the chapel. Burial will be at Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park South Valley Cemetery, located at 13001 South 3600 West in Riverton, Utah.

The funeral services will be streamed via Zoom for those who wish to attend virtually. To view the services, click on the ‘View Services’ link above.

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