WIS 42 projects continue

The portion of major improvements to Wisconsin 42 are in the final month, depending on possible delays. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation began work on one section, covering WIS 42 between the center intersection with WIS 42/57 in Sturgeon Bay and County T in Egg Harbor, in early April and began work on the other section, covering the same road from South. Village boundaries from Egg Harbor to Fish Creek between the intersection of WIS 42 and Rainbow Ridge Court and the intersection of WIS 42 and Bluff Lane, approximately one month later.

On both projects, construction workers were currently paving the roadway as they worked toward their June 8 completion date. To the north, all paving is now completed north of the intersection of Church Road and WIS 42 (north of Egg Harbor) to the northern project boundary of Bluff Lane and WIS 42 (Fish Creek). Over the next week, crews will continue paving and milling in the Village of Egg Harbor as the Village continues to work on sidewalks, street lighting, and curbs and gutters. In the southern portion of the project, contractors will continue to pave the surface and install temporary paving as they work north.

Local traffic is allowed through the construction areas, but they will have to deal with flagging operations controlling the area. Motorists can still use the detour that uses WIS 57 and County Roads V, A and EE to bypass the construction. The roadway will be open to traffic on June 19 and on weekends.

Below you can read an update from the Egg Harbor Business Association on the village’s WIS 42 project.

The City of Sturgeon Bay also has a slew of road construction projects underway as we head into summer. Below is a list of projects by city engineer Chad Shefchik:

The contractor will pour concrete on the following roads:

  • S 9th Ave (from Michigan Street to Pennsylvania Street)
  • S Hudson Ave (from W Walnut Drive to the south end)

The landscape restorations will also start this week on:

  • Oregon Street (from S 10th Ave to S 7th Ave)
  • S 7th Ave (from Oregon Street to Pennsylvania Street)
  • S 8th Ave (from Oregon Street to Pennsylvania Street)
  • Pennsylvania Street (from S 7th Ave to S 8th Ave)

Recently, landscape restorations have been completed on the following roads and are now ready for paving:

  • N 18th place (from Georgia Street to Jefferson Drive)
  • Jefferson Drive (from N 18th Place to N 18th Ave)
  • Iowa Street (from N 18th Place to N 18th Ave)
  • N 12th place (from Bluebird Street to Eagle Street)
  • Eagle Street (from N 12th place to N 12th place)
  • N Fulton Ave (from W Hickory Street to W Juniper Street)
  • N 17th Drive (from Michigan Street to Jefferson Place)
  • Louisiana Place (from N 16th Place to N 17th Drive)
  • N 16th Drive (from Louisiana Place to Kentucky Place)
  • Kentucky Place (from N 16th Place to N 17th Drive)
  • N 16th place (from Louisiana Place to Kentucky Place)
  • Huron Street (from N 14th place to N 15th place)
  • Huron Court (from Huron Street to N 15th Place)
  • N 15th place (from Huron Street to Georgia Street)
  • W Maple Street (from Bayfield Ave to Baraboo Ave)

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