Jesse Ventura’s long fight for marijuana legalization


MOORHEAD, MINN. (KVRR) – Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura was in Moorhead to promote his new line of THC-infused products.

Jesse Ventura Farms is the latest step by the former Minnesota governor in his long-standing support for the legal use of cannabis and THC products.

Ventura has long been a supporter of marijuana legalization after it helped his wife with her health problems.

“My wife took three drops under her tongue and has not had an attack since.”

He said he had been put in a difficult position.

“We then had to obtain it illegally. And when I testified before the legislature in Minnesota, I was faced with a dilemma: break the law or my wife. I chose my wife.”

The former governor said it was a satisfying moment to see Minnesota finally legalize marijuana.

“I can’t tell you how happy I was the day Governor Walz called me and said, ‘I need you to be in my office on Monday.’ He said: “I am signing for a cannabis law. It will be decriminalized and prohibition in Minnesota will be over.”

During his time at the store, Ventura signed autographs and spoke with his usual candor to those who came to see him.

When asked why movements like marijuana legalization can be so difficult, Ventura blamed the short-sightedness of partisan politicians.

“Democrats and Republicans, their vision is only focused on the next election. That’s the further they look, how do I get elected in the next election. They have no vision of what I can achieve today that will have an impact 25 years from now.”

Ventura is often called ahead of his time in his support for causes such as marijuana legalization and LGBTQ rights. When asked why that is the case, Ventura had a simple answer.

‘I tell my son all the time that his father is a genius. And my son will laugh and say, “Well daddy, how can you say that?” I say this because today I am blessed with something so rare that if you possess it, it elevates you to genius status. And do you know what that is? Common sense.”

Venture says he hopes North Dakota and South Dakota will soon legalize recreational marijuana.

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