GTS Nordic expands with North Carolina office to meet rising demand for compliant workforce solutions in the United States

Nordic values ​​meet US employment needs: providing flexible EWC and compliance solutions to the booming US market.

GTS Nordic, a leading Employer of Record service provider, is proud to announce its expansion into the United States with a new office in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The US biotech and life sciences industry continues to thrive, and this growth has brought major industry-leading companies to North Carolina. With these expansions comes the need to recruit top talent on a global scale, without the burden of navigating complex local regulations in each state.

With its background as an Employer of Record and Payroll service provider, serving a wide range of clients and industries, GTS Nordic has laid an incredible foundation for its entry into the US market. The company provides compliance solutions by hiring employees on behalf of other companies, assuming legal and administrative responsibilities for their employment. GTS Nordic provides highly specialized employment solutions, from overseeing payroll to handling taxes, benefits and insurance, and ensuring compliance with local and national labor laws. By doing this, the Employer of Record (GTS Nordic) enables companies to simplify the onboarding process, mitigate risks and get started on their projects quickly.

“Properly managing your workforce can be difficult, but failing to do so also puts you at risk of high fines,” says Jonas Lastein, CEO of GTS Nordic USA. He added that GTS Nordic’s expansion into the US will provide new opportunities for companies looking for more flexible solutions: “By expanding into the US we can bring our expertise and Scandinavian values ​​to a broader market, where the demand for flexible, compliant workforce solutions is growing. .”

Since its launch in 1999, GTS Nordic has remained true to its core values: trust, service and compliance. GTS Nordic continues to challenge the status quo and redefine flexibility in EOR solutions using their more than 20 years of experience as a foundation. Looking to new, western horizons, the company’s local approach to building sustainable teams and ensuring business growth is a testament to its commitment to innovation and continued market growth.

“We are very flexible in our service offering,” says Poul Lund Christensen, Managing Director of GTS Nordic. “Each client is provided with a dedicated point of contact and we do everything we can to ensure that our consultants can carry out their assignment with ease. We also regularly organize events for our consultants, where they can meet each other and expand their local network.”

The new North Carolina office demonstrates the company’s growing strategic vision and marks the beginning of its commitment to the U.S. market. GTS Nordic has already established local entities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and serves customers such as Hays, NNE and Novo Nordisk. “Our expansion momentum continues to position us for success in bringing our fit employment solutions to the many growing industries in the United States,” concluded Jonas Lastein.

Visit GTS Nordic to learn more about the US expansion and their EOR services.

About GTS Nordic:

GTS Nordic is an Employer of Record and Payroll service provider that has assisted recruitment agencies, companies and independent contractors with appropriate employment solutions since 1999. The company is committed to providing modern employment solutions and uses in-depth industry knowledge to provide the highest level of employment benefits. employ. GTS Nordic has been awarded six times by Gazelle Company, from 2013 to 2018, and has established itself as a leader in the record services employer, building on their core values ​​of trust, service and compliance.

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