Metro will close 5 Red Line stations this summer – NBC4 Washington

Metro warned Red Line riders about summer station closures, and now they’re here. Five stations on the northeast side of the Red Line are closed Saturday, and four of them will remain closed until the end of August.

This means that commuters will have to travel through this closure for the first time on Monday morning.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of traffic,” said one commuter. “A lot of chaos. A lot of people on the streets, that’s for sure.”

The closed Red Line stations are:

  • Glenmont
  • Wheaton
  • Forest Glen
  • Silver spring
  • Takoma

The Takoma station will reopen from June 30, but the other four will remain closed until August 31.

The closures will allow the Maryland Transit Administration to move forward with its Purple Line project and complete other maintenance.

“I’m excited to see what the Purple Line looks like. I want them to take their time so it’s safe,” said another commuter.

WMATA will provide free limited shuttle buses to the stations. A free express shuttle runs from Silver Spring to Metro Center on weekdays. During the summer closures, parking is also free at all five stations.

But commuters are concerned about traffic and how busy it can be.

“My mother travels by public transport and I don’t know; I worry about her,” Silver Spring resident Lucia Kasmiro said Sunday. “And that is why today we are practicing how we will arrange things in the coming weeks.”

To prepare for the changes, it’s always good to plan ahead and allow extra time for your commute.

Visit the WMATA website for more information.

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