Verdict: Dems take aim at the Supreme Court

Democrats are now going after the nation’s highest court in their never-ending quest for complete power and control. Specifically, they are going after the two most conservative justices of the US Supreme Court, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas. Democratic lawmakers seized on a recent New York Times hit piece on Alito about flags flown outside his homes in the past that were believed to be related to the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol. Alito denied the allegations and refused calls to withdraw from cases involving Trump or January 6. Last year, Democrats tried a similar move with Judge Thomas, during outings he took with a Republican donor who is also a family friend.

Unable to get Thomas or Alito off certain cases, Dems recently tried to pressure Chief Justice John Roberts to order the recusals, but he also rejected their demands. Now Democratic lawmakers, including Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin and Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, are calling for an outside “ethics panel” made up of federal judges to oversee the Supreme Court.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas believes this is just the latest chapter in the left’s attempt to take over the Supreme Court. “This is just about trying to delegitimize the court,” Cruz recently told CNN. “Almost every Democrat in the Senate – if they win – wants to take over the Supreme Court. They want to grow the Supreme Court from nine justices to thirteen justices.”

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas also believes the timing of these attacks is no coincidence. “I think the reason why they’re doing it now is primarily because the Supreme Court has two cases pending, both involving Donald Trump and hundreds of January 6 suspects,” he told Fox News. “Both cases will come up in the next month, and I suspect the New York Times and Democrats are once again targeting Judge Alito because they want to undermine the court’s credibility.”

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