GameStop spikes 80% after ‘Roaring Kitty’ signals $116 million stake

GameStop soared more than 80 percent in premarket trading on Monday after a Reddit account believed to be linked to meme stock trader Keith Gill posted a screenshot of what appeared to be a nearly $116 million bet.

Gill — who helped drive 2021’s meme stock craze behind his “Roaring Kitty” handle — posted the screenshot to Reddit on Sunday night under his “DeepF——-Value” account that held a $115.7 million position showed, as well as a significant options bet. Around the same time, his widely followed Roaring Kitty account on X posted a photo of an “Uno” card that reverses the order of the game.

The gaming company had soared to nearly $50 a share last month as mentions of the stock spread online, before falling sharply to $23.14 at Friday’s close.

The reports have not been independently verified by The Post, and Gill did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.

Both posts were celebrated on Reddit’s “Superstonk” channel, which has become a leading meme stock forum after some GameStop enthusiasts broke from the popular “WallStreetBets” channel. By Monday morning, the channel was full of memes and users posting their own views, with some promising to call in sick to work.

Other meme stocks also rose. AMC shares rose 25 percent at 8 a.m.; Nokia gained 2 percent; Blackberry rose 5 percent.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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