Mountain West Football Recruiting Team Rankings June. Hawaiian warriors

It’s another week of the Mountain West Recruiting Roundup.

We are in the month of June and recruitment will increase again. Offers will continue to be handed out during the recruiting camps and that will lead to new commitments. Additionally, official visits on weekends will do the same.

This week saw an increase in the number of offers, with more than 34 new ones handed out this week. We had a plethora of official visitors this weekend, with Hawaii, Nevada and Fresno State all being notable visitors. In addition, there were five new commitments, three for Hawaii, one for the Air Force and one for San Jose State.

A number of teams had good weeks last week, but Hawaii hit the trifecta. They had one of three commitments, four offers and nine official visitors. The cover photo shows their first week.

Class of 2025 Cover Photo Total:

  • Air Force: 4
  • Boise State: 2
  • Fresno State: 1
  • Hawaii: 1
  • San Diego State: 2
  • San Jose State: 2
  • State of Utah: 1

Recruitment camps:

June is a big recruiting month because that’s when teams usually do their recruiting camps. A major benefit of camps is that recruits have the opportunity to be assessed by coaches in various areas such as their talent, size, ability to be coached, attitude, character and work ethic. It also leads to a number of offers and commitments.

Below you will find a list of the known dates on which teams will host their camps. As always, it is the same to assume that there are more camps than listed here. This does not include all megacamps that teams may be a part of.

Air Force:

Boise State: June 9, 10, 11, 12

State of Colorado: June 9, 10, 11, 12 and July 27

Fresno State: May 30, June 8, 15 and 22


Nevada: June 16, 22

New Mexico:

San Diego State: June 8, 9, 14, 15, 16

San Jose State: June 10 and 11

UNLV: June 14, 15, 21, 22

State of Utah:

Wyoming: June 8 and 21

Recruitment Notes:

Brad Odom, UNLV’s Director of Player Personnel, tweets recruiting notes every Tuesday:

Taking a break in June.

Recruitment calendar:

From May 30 to June 23 we are in a quiet period. This will be a time when many teams will receive official visitors to campus. It will also lead to a lot of verbal commitments, so expect a busy June in the recruiting department.

Following student-athlete says:

The NCAA defines the quiet period as a time when “a college coach may not have personal contact with college students or their parents outside the college campus and may not watch student-athletes compete or attend their high school. .” To break it down, the NCAA silent period is a time when you can talk to college coaches in person on their college campuses. However, the coach is not allowed to watch athletes compete in person, visit their school, talk to them at home, or talk to them anywhere outside the college campus. Coaches can still text, call, email or message coaches during this time.

Air Force deployment tracker:

Because the Air Force Academy regularly has by far the most obligations Mountain West recruiting classes, it’s fun to follow them over the course of the year.

Number of verbal commitments from Falcon: 13

Team recruitment rankings June 2025

Here is the May edition for those who like to check month by month progress. The rankings won’t start to take shape until July or so, but it’s still a valuable exercise every month to show how things are changing and which teams are doing their recruiting work in which months of the year.


2) Fresno State

3) San Jose State

4) Boise State

5) San Diego State

6) Hawaii

7) Nevada

8) Air Force

9-12) All others

Visit Summary:

Dedication in the spotlight:

LS Tate Dietz (Air Force)

‘The Air Force checked all the boxes for me! A winning D1 FBS program with consistency. I liked the coaches and the fact that the head coach has been there for years. It was nice to find a program with consistency and a good culture. Being offered a full scholarship for the position I play has contributed greatly to that. I have two brothers in college, so being able to help my parents pay for college was huge! I loved the academic and character standard that the Air Force provides. I know it will make me a better man and leader! Having two players from my position go to the NFL in recent years was also huge! I dream of playing at that level and having a position coach with a proven track record as coach Skene and he is showing me that not only is he interested in what I bring to the team in college but he will work preparing for the NFL all four years was a big selling point for me! Of course, the location doesn’t hurt. The Academy couldn’t be in a more beautiful place! I’m honored to receive the offer and I’m so excited to get there and be a part of the #boltbrotherhood I’m already in a chat group with other 2025 commits and we’re already talking regularly, so we’re coming in as a team ready to go!”

LB Aisiah Paogofie (Hawaii)

“One of the main reasons I chose to stay home was how strong the culture is at UH MANO. The players and coaches are very inspiring; It was very moving to hear how the players developed into a better football player and a better person during their time at UH, because in no time I will go through that development process. Being able to play ball at the next level is one of my dreams, but being able to play at home in front of the people and in the place I love is just a reward that I am grateful for. And finally, Timmy Chang is a great coach, and he has great coaches on staff who have been where I want to be, which is the NFL, and it’s very exciting to be able to learn from them at this level because you have that dream can taste, but you have to earn a place to make that dream come true.”

WR Brandon Gaea (Hawaii)

“The main reason I committed to Hawaii was because of the love and respect the coaches have for all their players. All the coaches talked to me and my family and pushed to get me to their school. Even in the WR group, many of the plays and fundamentals they teach are similar to what Gorman teaches, which is very helpful for me in coming into the program ready. “I would also like to be one of the players who created the springboard for Hawaiian football to reach the top.”

Recruitment Updates:


  • EDGE Kaleb Pleis was presented by the Air Force and UNLV
  • TE Jackson Doman was offered by Colorado State
  • DL Sidney Dupuy was offered by Colorado State
  • 2026 WR Cynai Thomas was offered by Colorado State
  • 2026 OL Josh Haney was offered by Colorado State
  • 2026 EDGE Ryder Barnes was presented by Colorado State
  • 2026 WR Brock Boyd was offered by Colorado State
  • 2027 WR Osani Gayles was offered by Colorado State
  • 2028 TE Tytan McNeal was offered by Colorado State
  • TE/DE Ulavai Fetuli was presented by Fresno State
  • DB Jerome Z. Drain was offered by Hawaii
  • DB Seth Carethers was offered by Hawaii
  • 2026 EDGE Julian Hugo was presented by Hawaii
  • 2026 EDGE Benjamin Edward Honebein was presented by Hawaii
  • DB Tajean Stallworth was offered by Nevada
  • DL LeBron Williams was offered by San Diego State
  • WR Salesi Moa was offered by San Diego State
  • OL Javan Goo was offered by San Diego State
  • 2026 DL Viliami Moala was presented by San Diego State
  • 2026 EDGE Wassie Lugolobi was presented by San Diego State
  • 2027 QB Brady Edmunds was offered by San Diego State
  • DB Jacob Holmes was offered by San Jose State
  • 2026 WR/DB Rahsjon Duncan was offered by San Jose State
  • 2026 DB Dareon Edmonds was offered by San Jose State
  • 2028 TE/DE King Pitts was presented by San Jose State
  • RB Geron Johnson was offered by UNLV
  • TE Austin Howard was offered by UNLV
  • LB Gage Yardley was offered by Utah State
  • LB Ryker Mikkelsen was offered by Utah State
  • OL Tohi Moala Similai was offered by the state of Utah
  • OL Nick Hallock was offered by Utah State
  • RB Chevas Gregory was offered by Utah State
  • DB Charger Doty was presented by the state of Utah
  • LB Tydon Jones was offered by Utah State
  • WR Kai Meza was offered by Utah State
  • WR Zedekiah Anahu-Ambrosio was offered by Utah State
  • 2026 OL/DL Easton Hammond was offered by Utah State
  • OL Louis Akpa was offered by Wyoming
  • QB Carter Jones was offered by Wyoming
  • QB Brady Davidson was offered by Wyoming
  • WR/DB Mack Mrowka was offered by Wyoming
  • DB Antonio Parker was offered by Wyoming
  • TE Landon Pace was offered by Wyoming
  • Attorney LB Tristan was offered by Wyoming
  • 2026 DL Prin Fox was presented by Wyoming


  • LB Alexander Green visited Fresno State
  • WR D’Angelo Hagans Jr visited Fresno State
  • OL Daniel Boyd visited Fresno State
  • EDGE Seeds Mariteragi visited Hawaii
  • DB Mana Carvalho visited Hawaii
  • DB Donte Utu visited Hawaii
  • LB Aisiah Paogofie visited Hawaii
  • EDGE Maximum Moe Fonoimoana visited Hawaii
  • WR Titan Lacaden visited Hawaii
  • WR Brandon Gaea visited Hawaii
  • OL Sione Motuapuaka visited Hawaii
  • LB Champ Kapanui visited Hawaii
  • LB Cody Wells visited Nevada
  • WR Bryson Baker visited Nevada
  • EDGE Keegan Perea visited Nevada


  • LS Tate Dietz is committed to the Air Force
  • LB Aisiah Paogofie is committed to Hawaii
  • WR Brandon Gaea is committed to Hawaii
  • EDGE Zaden Mariteragi is committed to Hawaii
  • WR Jase Nix is ​​committed to San Jose State


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