Bebe Rexha makes fans jump out of the show because they threw objects at her

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Phone-cucking flashback

Bebe Rexha got pelted with stuff on stage again during her last performance – but this time she wasn’t having it… so the troublemakers were promptly kicked out – and we have the clip!

The singer was rocking out to one of her hits in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Saturday when she suddenly stopped the music to call out a man who was allegedly throwing things at her and ruining the show for everyone… this before the security made him jump out.

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In footage obtained by TMZ, you can hear Bebe’s frustration as she says the police were called by the man… and tells him it didn’t have to come to this, but his behavior left her no choice.

Another angle, captured by a fan, shows that it wasn’t just one would-be troublemaker; some on the ground say Bebe kicked out more than ten people for the same violation… but that number isn’t entirely confirmed. In any case, it appears that there was more than one perpetrator.

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In the clip, Bebe reminds one of the perpetrators: “If you want to punch me in the face, I had them press charges against the other guy. I would love to be richer!”

The crowd cheers in support, even though BR quickly clarified that she was joking about the comment, making it abundantly clear that she has no desire to be hit with a phone, regardless of the payout.

You’ll remember… Bebe needed stitches after a phone call beat her cruelly to the face during a concert in New York last year, leaving her face incredibly bruised.

Her alleged attacker claimed he just wanted Bebe to take pictures with his phone apologized for his actions – but it still got him in hot water at the time.

The man was facing multiple charges: two charges of third-degree assault, one charge of second-degree harassment, one charge of second-degree aggravated harassment and one charge of attempted third-degree assault. It is not stated whether anyone has been arrested in this case.

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