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Student Experience

My name is Kayla Krause. I was a student at European school of Esthetics a few years ago and took the full Esthetics course. During my time at the school, I really enjoyed the 1 on 1 education and the small class sizes. Now, a few years later, I’m working at the Beauty Theory, and at European School of Esthetics, working on a career that I love. I’m glad that I went into Esthetics and I’m glad I went to European school, for it gave me the foundation I needed to love my job.

Kayla Krause


“I am so grateful for the knowledge I've gained at European School of Esthetics I was so happy to participate in the smaller classes it made learning easier and more laid back. My classmates felt like family by the time I graduated and Mondays and Fridays were the best! Forever grateful for choosing the Esthetics Trade.

Tia Filby


Thank you to The European School of Esthetics for the premium education I received. The invaluable knowledge and experience gained was surpassed only by the infinite patience, understanding, and devotion of Ms. Doreen Maunder. Only four years after graduating from ESE, I have become the proud owner of a successful salon - B.B's Salon. Without a doubt, I credit my success to the European School of Esthetics and Ms.Maunder, It is due to her dedication and encouragement that I was able to realize my dream. I shall always be indebted to you.

Mrs. Brigitte Blais, Owner at B.B's Salon.