Students Speak

  • My time at ESE taking the Skin Technology Program in many ways was what I expected, but I also had many good unexpected experiences.

    I knew going on to the program that I would get a well rounded and thorough education about esthetics. The educators knowledge and experience was evident in what and how they teach students. The online based theory aspect was engaging and challenged me every week to do well.

    I was encouraged to push myself to excel in all aspects of the program by instructors and students. I learnt so much about the industry, best practices, and how to help people feel the best they can about themselves. I made life long friends and gained many life lessons.

    Desirae McQuade ESE STUDENT
  • Before enrolling at the European School of Esthetics I researched and visited other schools. I felt this college would be the best fit for me. When you enrol at the European school you’re not just a student learning services but also learning how to engage with others in a professional manner. Learning how to properly interact with clients Whether they’re first timers or repeat customers. The European School sets standards that each student must meet while in the program which helps them upon graduation. I like that there is a variety of different programs you can choose from with multiple start dates and reasonable flexibility. The instructors are encouraging, easy to talk to, and have a great deal of knowledge. But most importantly they adapt their teaching styles to the students. Overall I would say that if you are seriously thinking of getting into this business give the European school of Esthetics a call and you won’t be disappointed.

    Samantha Betton ESE STUDENT
  • My name is Kayla Krause. I was a student at European school of Esthetics a few years ago and took the full Esthetics course. During my time at the school, I really enjoyed the 1 on 1 education and the small class sizes.

    Now, a few years later, I’m working at the Beauty Theory, and at European School of Esthetics, working on a career that I love. I’m glad that I went into Esthetics and I’m glad I went to European school, for it gave me the foundation I needed to love my job.

    Kayla Krause ESE STUDENT
  • I am so grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained at European School of Esthetics I was so happy to participate in the smaller classes it made learning easier and more laid back. My classmates felt like family by the time I graduated and Mondays and Fridays were the best! Forever grateful for choosing the Esthetics Trade.

    Tia Filby ESE STUDENT
  • Thank you to The European School of Esthetics for the premium education I received. The invaluable knowledge and experience gained was surpassed only by the infinite patience, understanding, and devotion of Ms. Doreen Maunder. Only four years after graduating from ESE, I have become the proud owner of a successful salon – B.B’s Salon. Without a doubt, I credit my success to the European School of Esthetics and Ms.Maunder, It is due to her dedication and encouragement that I was able to realize my dream. I shall always be indebted to you.

    Mrs. Brigitte Blais, Owner at B.B’s Salon ESE STUDENT
  • When I decided to make electrolysis my career, I chose to study at The European School of Esthetics. Never having had any background in esthetics, I was a bit unsure how a man would be recieved at a beauty school. My unease was completely unfounded. I was warmly welcomed by both students and staff, and knew I made the right choice. From the first day, I could tell that Ms. Maunder truly cared about her students, and was very knowledgeable about every aspect of the curriculum. With the education I’d gained and her support I was able to open my own salon, Transformative Electrolysis. I highly reccomend European for anyone looking to make esthetics their future career.

    Ryan McKay ESE STUDENT
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